The Boards

All of our prone paddleboards are light in weight and vacuum bagged for maximum strength. Our paddleboards include: Lifeguard Rescue Boards, 10'6 Competition Paddleboards, 12' Racing Paddleboards, Long Distance Paddleboards and 9' Junior Paddleboards.  All of our boards are completely and proudly made in the USA.

*BW is aware that for many Lifeguard agencies, funding can often be an obstacle in purchasing new and up-to-date equipment.  We have developed a fundraising concept that we hope can help with raising funds for much needed lifesaving and competition equipment. Download and print our Fundraising Flyer to be distributed to local business owners in your area.  Just add your personal information where indicated.  Many businesses will love the idea of being an important part of helping their local Lifeguard agency save lives and represent their town in competitions while at the same time advertising their business.  If you have any questions regarding our Fundraising Flyer feel free to send us an email.

       Lifeguard Rescue Board        10'6" Competition Paddleboards   12' Racing Paddleboards     17.5' Long Distance Paddleboard 

       We also shape 9' Junior Paddleboards.  Email us for more details.



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